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World Cup Football Betting

World Cup Football

The FIFA World Cup, usually known simply as the World Cup is held every four years and is a tournament between the national teams of FIFA member nations. Although the tournament itself features only 32 finalists there is a lengthy qualification stage held in groupings across the world to decide which teams merit inclusion in the glamorous and exciting final phase of the competition. There’s plenty of Football Betting opportunity in this part of the completion which takes place in six continental zones and sees teams placed into groups to battle it out for their places in the final stages.

The European contension in World Cup Football Betting

In the European zone, for example, there are eight groups of six teams and one group of five. Each team plays the other teams in their group, home and away, and gets three points for a win and one for a draw. Betting on these matches, in the old days, was about win or lose but now we can wager on just about any aspect of a game. Examples of this are :

  • The timing of goals.
  • Who scores first.
  • Penalties.
  • Yellow or red cards issued.
  • Corners.
  • Over / Under Goals
  • And many more.

You can also bet on aspects of what happens within each group, who comes out on top or bottom or wins all their matches. You name it and you can bet on it. Plus, the exciting introduction of live betting now means that you can bet on a match at any stage of play. This is great if you want to see how things go before placing your bet but watch out for the odds which will change as the match progresses.


World Cup Football Betting

While the group stages are going on you can bet ahead to the finals and predict anything from the overall winner to which continent they come from, who makes the semi's, whether or now a team will qualify for the finals and much more. There are so many online betting sites to choose from and most of them offer free bets for new customers. There are even sites which help you to find the best online betting site for you. If you need help in deciding what to do there are sites full of information, inside stories, gossip and statistics to help. All in the comfort of your own home and just a few clicks away.

The qualification stage starts as much as two or three years before the finals and is already well under way for the next World Cup which takes place in Brazil in 2014. Qualification is a much valued prize and an absolute must have for the bigger footballing nations of Europe and South America. Failure to qualify is almost a reason for official national mourning. Teams are carefully selected under the close scrutiny of the media and the fans. Everyone breathes down the necks of the managers whose careers are made or broken on the strength of their success or the ignominy of their failure. Every footballing move is analysed the next day in the newspapers as optimism and pessimism jostle for position in the national psyche of each participating country.

World Cup Football Betting Favourites

Only eight nations have ever won the World Cup: They are Brazil (5 times), Italy (4), Germany (3), Uruguay (2), Argentina (2) and Spain, England and France with one title each. The World Cup is probably the most exciting and prestigious sporting event in the world and winning it can affect the pride and confidence of a nation for many years after.